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All coverage options may be accessed online at


When do I enroll in coverage?

Open Enrollment is scheduled from November 29th to December 24th. You can enroll online at any time during this period.

Do I have to enroll?

Ochsner Clinical School and the AAMC require that all medical students have health insurance. You are required to either enroll in this plan or submit proof of other valid coverage via the waiver site.  (*Coming Soon)


What constitutes “other valid coverage” and allows me to waive the student health plan?

Students may petition to waive the student health insurance plan if the following criteria are met:

  • The policy is compliant with all PPACA minimum coverage requirements.
  • The plan provides both emergency and non-emergency health care and mental health benefits in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana area.
  • The plan provides inpatient and outpatient mental health care (with at least 30 visits per year) and chemical dependency benefits are comparable to the coverage provided by the student medical insurance plan.
  • The plan provides coverage for prescription medication.
  • The lifetime benefit is unlimited.
  • Out-of-state Medicaid and state Children’s Health Insurance Plans, out-of-state HMOs, and Kaiser Permanente plans do not cover non-emergency care in New Orleans and DO NOT qualify for a waiver.

Please contact your medical insurance carrier to confirm that your insurance covers non-emergency care in your area and that your out-of-pocket maximum is low enough to allow you to afford your portion of the bill.

In addition to waiver approval by the automated system, please note that all waiver requests will be reviewed by a Student Health representative. If the waiver submitted does not meet the waiver criteria, you will be enrolled in the student health plan.

When does my coverage begin?

Student health coverage begins January 1st, 2019.

What do I do if I need coverage between now and January 1st?

If you require coverage in the meantime, you may explore short-term health insurance options here.

Is my doctor in-network?

You can check if your doctor is in-network by going to and clicking “Find A Doctor.” Your student coverage utilizes Cigna’s national PPO Network.

What is covered?

You can find details about this coverage by reviewing the Benefits Brochure online. 

*2019 Benefit brochure will be published in late fall.  

What do the terms deductible, coinsurance, out-of-pocket limit, and copay mean?

A deductible is a dollar amount you must meet before your insurance begins to pay for covered services. After the deductible is satisfied, you pay a certain percentage of costs, or coinsurance, until you reach the out-of-pocket limit.

You must pay all of the costs up to the deductible amount before the plan begins to pay for covered services you use. After you meet the deductible, you pay a certain percentage of costs (coinsurance) up to the out-of-pocket limit. After this amount, the plan pays 100% of your medical costs. The deductible and coinsurance are often waived for certain medical services, such as office visits and prescription drugs; in these instances, you simply pay a flat dollar amount, called a copay.

More information about how these terms apply to the student health plan can be found in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.


How can I compare policies available on the marketplace or exchange with this policy?

You can compare plans on the exchange by clicking here.

I currently have other coverage but I want to replace it with this policy. How do I do that?

Simply contact your current insurance carrier with a cancelation request noting the date your new coverage is effective. Carriers’ policies vary on how much notice is required.

How and when do I pay for this coverage?

There are two ways to pay for this coverage. You can either pay online via credit card  time of enrollment, or you may mail the paper application with a check for the total amount made out to Consolidated Health Plans. Please mail these items to:

     Marsh & McLennan Agency
     ATTN: Emily Ciuffetelli

     2301 Sugar Bush Rd.

     Suite 600
     Raleigh, NC 27612

     *Please note that if you are choosing to defer payment you must contact

My loans don’t disperse until January.   Can I pay for coverage after that point? 

Yes. You have two options: paper or digital. You must email to notify us that you will need deferred payment and which option you would prefer.

Please note that you will not receive an ID card or be able to have your claims processed until your payment has been submitted.

When will I get my ID cards?

ID cards should arrive 5 - 10 business days after you have completed your enrollment and submitted payment for coverage.

Dental with Vision Option


How do I enroll in coverage?

The entire enrollment process is online. Enter your information and click “Get a Quote” to review plan details.


When does coverage begin?

Coverage begins January 1st, 2019.


Is my dentist in-network?

AlwaysCare has a strong dental network in Louisiana. You can review your dental network by clicking here.


What is covered?

There are two options for coverage: Preventive Basic and Ultimate Max coverage. Follow links to review plan details.


Can I buy vision coverage only?

At this time, vision coverage is only allowed as an add-on to the dental policy. Once you have elected the dental benefits, you will be asked whether you would like to include vision benefits.


How and when do I pay for coverage?

Payment is accepted online via credit card or through ACH and can be made monthly or annually. You will be prompted for your payment selections after you click “Check out.”


Other Coverage Options Available


What other types of insurance are available to me as a student?

At, you also have access to renters & auto, supplemental insurance, and life insurance. These options are designed to fit your needs and budget as a medical student. Enrollment is completed online.


More questions? Contact our benefits consultants at Marsh & McLennan Agency by calling 1-800-225-7174, or sending an email to

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