Health Plan Summary



The Ochsner Student Health Insurance Plan is an excellent, cost-effective plan for students while at school. The plan is typically less than half the cost of similar coverage available in the public market. -2018 Plan Brochure Coming Soon-



                      Cost and Period of Coverage



Student Only

    Dependent rates are in addition to the student rate

Each Child
             *Premiums include an Administrative Service Fee






Plan Maximum












Out-of-Pocket Expense Limit


$6,850 Ind/ $13,700 Family


$6,850 Ind/ $13,700 Family




80% of PA


60% of U&R


Preventive Care


100% of PA (no cost sharing)


60% of U&R


Inpatient Hospital Expense


80% of PA


60% of U&R


Physician's Office Visit


100% of PA after $25 copayment (ded. waived)


60% of U&R after $25 copayment


Urgent Care


80% of PA after $50 copayment


60% of U&R after $50 copayment


Emergency Services Expense


80% of PA after $100 copayment 


80% of PA after $100 copayment


X-Ray and Laboratory


80% of PA


60% of U&R


Prescription Drug Benefits- Prescriptions

should be filled at a Participating Cigna

Pharmacy Network 


100% of PPO Allowance after a:

- $25 Copay for Generic Drugs; or 

-$50 Copay for Preferred Brand or

-$70 Copay for Brand


                 PA= Preferred Allowance                                                                                        UR= Usual & Reasonable 


*This summary is provided as a courtesy and is not meant to replace or override the terms and conditions detailed in the insurance policy/brochure.  Please refer to the policy/brochure to verify medical coverage, eligibility, exclusions, limitations, and for more detailed information. 







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