Health Insurance is a core need of all Americans. Choosing the right type of coverage, carrier, and plan design can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in premium savings and thousands of dollars in out of pocket, uncovered, medical expenses. Our consultants have all of the information necessary to walk you through all of the options available to you and find the right plan in a quick and easy to understand way.

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Ochsner Sponsored Student Health Plan

The Ochsner Student Health Plan is an excellent benefit opportunity for students, fully compliant with the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, and provides quality coverage at significantly lower rates than most employer plans, family plans, and options on the exchange. Enrollment for the next plan year begins in November.

If you have questions about deferring payment due to financial aid, please email:


Alternative Marketplace Options

You may use this to explore marketplace alternatives to the Ochsner-Sponsored Student Health Plan. Before exploring, please review the minimum coverage requirements specified on the Health Plan FAQ page. When exploring alternatives, be sure to explain that you are only interested in ACA-compliant plans, and make sure that the minimum coverage requirements are met prior to purchasing. If price quoted is substantially less than the Ochsner-Sponsored Student Health Plan, there is a good chance the plan does not meet minimum coverage requirements and will not constitute a valid waiver. If you have questions about an alternative plan’s suitability, you may contact It is ultimately each student’s responsibility to ensure that his or her health plan fulfills the school’s requirements. 

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